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Top 4 Everglades Airboat and Wildlife Tours

  Florida is home to some of the most fascinating wildlife in America. From our famous Florida alligators to the lesser-known bird species, people are enthralled by all the different Everglades animals they see while on vacation in our beachy state. Everglades airboat... View the full post »

Top Marco Island Beaches | Where to Stay and What to Do

   What comes to mind when you think of southwest Florida? Everglades, alligators, sun, and sand. Collier County boasts some of the best beaches in Florida, and Marco Island is no exception. Soak up some vitamin D on our expansive Marco Island beaches, splas... View the full post »

The Best Spots To See The Marco Island Sunset

Sunsets have always fascinated and awed humanity. As the sun sinks and the sky morphs to a colorful masterpiece of purples, pinks, and oranges, it is hard not to stop what you are doing and take a minute to gaze in wonder. When you stay in our Marco Island vacation rentals, we en... View the full post »

A Day Trip To Rookery Bay: Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals

Marco Island is full of beauty, vibrant island life, and adventure. When you stay with us at Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals, you can find all three of these characteristics at Rookery Bay. Discover some of the best things to do in Marco Island while you stay with us in ou... View the full post »

Marco Island Boat Rentals And Waterfront Fun!

When you book an island escape with Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals, get ready for some fun on Marco Island beach and a fun time on the water! There are endless things to do in Marco Island, and we encourage all of our guests to experience the ocean and all of the fun ... View the full post »

Discover The Birds Of Marco Island Florida

One of the most intriguing animals to humans has always been the bird. Able to roam where it pleases and soar high above the trees, people have always had a fascination and near envy of our feathered friends. Catch glimpses of some of Marco Island Florida’s most beautiful and e... View the full post »

Take A Trip Through Time On Marco Island

Marco Island has a long history of ancient cultures, settlers, and fascinating finds from long ago. When you visit Marco Island, Florida, stay with us in one of our beautiful Marco Island Vacations Horizons Rentals and discover the rich history of our incredible home. Take a trip... View the full post »

A Visit to Everglades National Park

A vacation to South Florida’s beautiful Marco Island will provide you with a plethora of entertaining experiences, from delicious restaurants to exciting water sporting activities. Book your stay at the best Marco Island vacation rentals with Horizon Rentals, and find yourself in ... View the full post »

A Little Marco Island History

With a history of human settlement dating back to roughly 4,000 BC, the area of Marco Island is one of the most historic and fascinating locations in the country. Before you book your getaway to this beautiful island, we at Horizon Rentals encourage you to learn a bit about the p... View the full post »

Marco Island Water Sports

A trip to beautiful Marco Island is not complete until you take advantage of all of Florida’s fantastic water activities. The breathtaking oceanfront location of the Marco Island vacation rentals provided by Horizon Rentals allows you to easily get out on the water and enjoy th... View the full post »

Seashells And Sea Life

  Imagine racing through the open water while watching the beautiful Marco Island sunset throw colors across the sky. Your jet ski crashes with the waves, and you notice someone has come to join in the fun. A dolphin begins racing alongside you as you come upon a beautiful co... View the full post »

3 Must-Sees On Marco Island

  When visiting a new and exciting place, it can be a task to put together a fun itinerary and not miss out on anything. If you are planning your Marco Island vacation, there are three must-sees that you will not want to skip over. Discover some of Marco Island’s most intri... View the full post »

A Marco Island Pub Crawl

  When Springtime arrives in Marco, and the month of March everyone gets a little green and looks for the best place to raise a pint in celebration. Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals has a few suggestions for the best spots to taste good brews and relax for a bit of spri... View the full post »

Art And Strawberries On Marco Island

  There are many different events and things to do such as Marco Island shopping, but there is an event on Marco Island that has food for thought and tasty treats. While Marco Island is filled with experiences sure to create wonderful memories, nothing is quite like the local... View the full post »

A Romantic Marco Island Getaway

  On Valentine’s Day, many couples end up getting chocolates or a pretty bouquet of flowers. Instead of getting your love the predictable heart-shaped box of standard candies, surprise them with a romantic getaway to Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals. A trip for two is... View the full post »