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The Best Escape Room in South Florida

  If you need an escape from stress, Marco Island is the place to be. Expansive beaches and tropical weather make our island one of the most incredible places in the world. And with so many things to do in Southwest Florida, you’ll never feel bored during your visit.... View the full post »

Complete Marco Island Restaurant Guide

  Marco Island, Florida, has a wealth of experiences and opportunities. Some of these attractions are adventure-based, such as wildlife tours, while others treat your senses, such as incredible restaurants and bars. At Horizons Marco Island vacation rentals, you’ll ... View the full post »

Best Time to Visit Marco Island | Winter Activities

  The best time to visit Marco Island is all year, but the pleasant temperatures, Marco Island events, and holiday festivities make winter extra special. That’s why it’s one of the best winter vacation locations in Florida! To lounge on beaches in Florida, dance t... View the full post »

Fun Florida Wildlife Facts and Marco Island Tours

   Fun Florida Wildlife Facts and Marco Island ToursWhen you go on vacation, the goal is to experience things you can’t find back home. When you come to Florida, you’ll see new and unusual things at every turn. From palm trees to sand dollars to manatees, sou... View the full post »

Top 4 Everglades Airboat and Wildlife Tours

  Florida is home to some of the most fascinating wildlife in America. From our famous Florida alligators to the lesser-known bird species, people are enthralled by all the different Everglades animals they see while on vacation in our beachy state. Everglades airboat... View the full post »

Top Marco Island Beaches | Where to Stay and What to Do

   What comes to mind when you think of southwest Florida? Everglades, alligators, sun, and sand. Collier County boasts some of the best beaches in Florida, and Marco Island is no exception. Soak up some vitamin D on our expansive Marco Island beaches, splas... View the full post »

Sunset Cruise in Florida

During your late-summer stay with Marco Island Vacations, we suggest taking an unforgettable sunset cruise in Florida. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway, honeymoon, girls trip, or just a solo holiday, capturing the sunset on the Gulf Coast should be a top priority. Watchi... View the full post »

Marco Island Activities: Fishing Tours

Fishing is an activity that is enjoyed by just about everyone. Where there is water, there is often someone baiting a line and tossing it into the drink to see what they can pull up. When you stay with us at Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals, head out to sea for one ... View the full post »

Marco Island Bars | Best Places to Grab a Drink

Whether you are traveling with friends or loved ones, it is always nice to have a few places to unwind and grab a drink. When you stay with us at Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals, you will be able to find the perfect Marco Island rental properties to fit your crew with a... View the full post »

Things to Do in Marco Island: Jet Ski Tours

There’s no feeling quite like ripping through the waves and feeling the ocean breeze flow past you as you skip across the waters on a jet ski. When you stay with us at Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals, discover one of the most thrilling things to do in Marco Island wit... View the full post »

Things to Do in Marco Island: Girls Getaway

With busy schedules often filling our time, it can seem challenging to connect with the friends that you once saw nearly every day. Whether it’s for a quick lunch or chatting over coffee, there always seems to be a crunch for time with someplace you need to be. Cast your wor... View the full post »

The Best Spots To See The Marco Island Sunset

Sunsets have always fascinated and awed humanity. As the sun sinks and the sky morphs to a colorful masterpiece of purples, pinks, and oranges, it is hard not to stop what you are doing and take a minute to gaze in wonder. When you stay in our Marco Island vacation rentals, we en... View the full post »

A Day Trip To Rookery Bay: Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals

Marco Island is full of beauty, vibrant island life, and adventure. When you stay with us at Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals, you can find all three of these characteristics at Rookery Bay. Discover some of the best things to do in Marco Island while you stay with us in ou... View the full post »

Marco Island Boat Rentals And Waterfront Fun!

When you book an island escape with Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals, get ready for some fun on Marco Island beach and a fun time on the water! There are endless things to do in Marco Island, and we encourage all of our guests to experience the ocean and all of the fun ... View the full post »

Discover The Birds Of Marco Island Florida

One of the most intriguing animals to humans has always been the bird. Able to roam where it pleases and soar high above the trees, people have always had a fascination and near envy of our feathered friends. Catch glimpses of some of Marco Island Florida’s most beautiful and e... View the full post »