Take A Trip Through Time On Marco Island

Marco Island has a long history of ancient cultures, settlers, and fascinating finds from long ago. When you visit Marco Island, Florida, stay with us in one of our beautiful Marco Island Vacations Horizons Rentals and discover the rich history of our incredible home. Take a trip back in time and explore the past that has formed this incredible corner of the world with a trip to the Marco Island Historical Museum and other exciting stops.

The History Of Marco Island

From the time of early Calusa settlers to the modern day Marco Island, the Keys have always been an incredible area with a story to tell. The best way to learn about the full story behind our beautiful island home is to visit the Marco Island Historical Society at the Marco Island History Museum. Several exhibits, re-enactors, and events offer the opportunity to learn all about the people that have called Marco Island home for centuries before our island home turned into what you see today.

A Time Line Of Exhibits

Much like any living and breathing cultural area, Marco Island has undergone extensive changes and has been through numerous phases throughout the years. At the Marco Island History Museum, make your first stop where it all began. The Calusa were the earliest settlers to call Marco Island home and were called the “Calusa” due to their strength and fierce stature. Amongst the incredible finds that give us a look into the lives and culture of the Calusa people, the “Key Marco Cat” is one of the most famous artworks that was uncovered in excavations.

After you learn about the interesting heritage of the Colusa, make your way to the time of the more recent Pioneer Era. From the 1800’s to the 1960’s, people began to migrate to different areas of Florida from the north and created homes, businesses, and led expeditions to discover all there was to see on and around the island. This is where the construction of the foundations of Marco Island were beginning to surface. Discover the names of those who pioneered Marco Island, Florida and started the development of what we see today.                                                                                        

The last stop is in the Modern Marco Island section where you can learn about The Mackle Brothers, The Bridge To Paradise, and more features that make Modern-day Marco Island, Florida so fantastic.

Your Stay

Find yourself immersed in our slice of paradise when you stay at one of our fabulous Marco Island vacation properties and discover the heritage of the island. Explore the city for several monuments and historic sites and be sure to stop into the Marco Island History Museum for a day of historical adventures. Marco Island Vacations Horizon Rentals and the wonders of Marco Island await — are you ready?


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